Website Camp

Is Back!

Do you own a Non-Profit? Do you know the advantages of having an online presence? Do you believe that a website would take your organisation to the next level? Here is a FREE once a year opportunity!

Every year, a team of  web developers take 2 days off their schedule to code for charity. The 2 days involve fun activities, mentoring in online business and site management and off course a finished website.

On Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December, 2023 volunteer developers will meet at The Innovation Village, Jinja, to design websites for startups and non-profit organizations. The theme of the event is ‘coding for charity’.

And by the end of the 2-day hackathon , you will be ready with a brand new, shiny, live website that you can feel pride for. Here's what to expect:

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Teaching right from scratch

Like what’s a domain and how to purchase it?

Limited Seats

So Guidance and Hand holding for everyone at each step. You won’t feel lost at all.

You're the owner

The domain and website is going to be your property, and you'll login with your email.