Website Camp is a two day Hands-on workshop, where you will develop your own website by yourself without any technical knowledge with the help of a volunteer developer whom we shall pair up with you,  under our guidance.  You can come to the workshop with just a laptop and a desire to build your website.

And by the end of the workshop, you will be ready with a brand new, shiny, Live website that you can feel pride for.

Just bring your laptop, Domain name and Web Hosting details for the Workshop (Economical Domain  and hosting plans can be bought for yourself at the workshop under our guidance but you have to pay for it as it’s going to be your property)

An event where we pair up non-profits, organizations and entrepreneurs doing great work in the local community and pair them up with teams of digital professionals. Then over the course of a 2-day camp, these teams will collaborate and build something amazing for their organization that will help them grow their outreach and positively impact how they contribute to the community.

Websites Developed during the camp will be

Easy to Update and Maintain


Mobile Responsive

SEO - Friendly


No technical knowledge required

No technical knowledge required. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, you don’t need to know anything.

Teaching right from scratch

Like what’s a domain and how to purchase it?

Limited Seats

So Guidance and Hand holding for everyone at each step. You won’t feel lost at all.

You're the owner

We will guide you to purchase economical domain and web hosting at your cost as it’s going to be your property, and you'll login with your email.


Non Profits (NGOs)


NB: Unlike before, where we have been making websites for only NGOs, we are going to make websites for startups too, during the Jinja 2021 website camp in partnership with the Innovation Village, in a special way, as a way of supporting local businesses grow.