Frequently asked questions

Bring your laptop and the content you need to put on your website like images, videos, written text etc.

Domain name is the address of your website and Hosting is the storage space for the content on your website. Suppose you have a business with name SoftTech, so www.softtech.com is your domain name and hosting is the server space required to store website content

Your domain and hosting is your property and you need to purchase it for yourself. Either you purchase it before workshop or we will help you to purchase during workshop at your cost

The cost of Domain and Hosting depends upon the type of Domain and Hosting you require depending upon your business and from where you buy. We will show you different options for purchasing domain and hosting. Usually cost of domain and hosting will start from around UGX 100,000.

All good then. Only thing is the hosting you have should support WordPress.

You should be able to operate the laptop. That’s it. Nothing else is required.